January 31, 2013 § 7 Comments

Although I am meant to be focusing on the build, I have added one new product this year that I couldn’t wait until the move to share and I am delighted it has had such a positive response, selling out each week at our stall. I make a batch early Sunday morning before heading to the Farmers Markets so if you make it to the markets early they will still be just warm. Cannelé are a traditional french cake made in special copper moulds brushed with bees wax, they have a soft custardy pudding like centre with a cruchy shell.




September 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

It has been so long since my last post it took me several attempts to remember my password to log into this blog account. Things have been getting a little crazy, which is good but I am having a little trouble keeping up with demand. Which means I have purchased a bigger and better oven, it hasn’t arrived yet but that should  give me time to sort out the other things I will need, because a bigger oven alone is pretty useless. I will also need a bigger mixer and a freezer.

I have still managed to keep challenging my self with desserts for Wednesday nights at III Bean. This and last week is the one I am most happy with in a while. I made individual pithiviers which is a type of french puff pastry pie. I filled them with almond cream and sour cherries, made spun toffee and chocolate mousse to be served on the side, a sort of nod to black forest cake. (This week I will try and cram more filling inside without them exploding).

Hand rolling that much puff pastry is a labour intensive job but not hard, and well worth the taste. I like to have the edges of the puff just starting to go black; so there is a hint of bitter and caramel to cut though all the buttery goodness. Anyway I really have loads of puff pastry to roll so I must get back to it.

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