About Uprising; I began Uprising as a home based wholesale cake business delivering to local cafes.  Each morning we rise early and bake a large batch of muffins and deliver them still warm with a small range of other cakes various cafes around Newcastle.  On Sunday we have a stall at the Newcastle Farmers Market where we sell a range of pastries, brioche, cakes and tarts.

In the construction of our cakes we use real butter, organic sugar, organic flour and free range eggs.

About this blog; I have been experimenting with and tried all sorts of cakes, biscuits, tarts and muffins.  Some successful some less so. I wanted to record this journey.

About me; my name is Alice. Originally I completed a degree in Visual arts and trained then worked as a Silversmith. I also worked as a waitress, teacher, shop assistant and went to night classes to become a welder.  Now I am a baker, with no training in this field this blog has followed my journey.

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