Instagarm Egg Whites and Macaroons

May 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Yesterday I was admiring a friends pictures on Instagram she had been using up her egg whites and had made some almond bread. When I commented that I had built up quite a collection in my freezer she suggested a few other things that I could make with my egg whites. One idea was the less popular cousin to the french macaron… coconut macaroons, I was instantly sold by the idea. The only thing that topped off this suggestion was a generously emailed copy of her favourite recipe. I have to say these are the best dam coconut macaroons I have ever had, even Christo who said he didn’t like macaroons polished off a few before suggesting I should make these again. This is a post from lemonpi’s blog on macaroons a few years agoCoconut Macaroons



§ 4 Responses to Instagarm Egg Whites and Macaroons

  • formysenses says:

    I didn’t know you could freeze egg whites? I always have an abundance of egg yolks that I end up throwing away, due to making friands. Can you freeze them? I suppose I could google this but…meh.

  • alicelees says:

    I think yolks are a bit harder to deal with you could make mayonnaise?

  • Just had to let you know that last week I bought a piece of apple tart (with flaked almonds on top) that you guys had made.
    It was the best cake I have eaten in a long time! And I eat lots of cake. And I’m fussy. Beautiful, thanks!

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