Strawberry Brioche

October 6, 2010 § 7 Comments

I had no ideas for Wednesday. Ben suggested I make something that may be served in a french bistro, perhaps a chocolate mousse. The main meal is going to be pork. I suggested a few things which we ummed and arred, nothing sounded good. I said lets leave it for a few hours and I would come up with something to go with chocolate mousse.

I picked up a few cook books nothing jumped out as inspiration. A new cook book was sitting next to the shelf at III Bean; I flicked though and I saw a picture of brioche french toast with poached fruits, and because I want to turn everything into a tart I though I could make a strawberry and brioche tart and the chocolate mousse. Originally I was going to just poke the strawberries into the dough then bake. Then I remembered a Nancy Silverton “youtube” video I had seen with her making a creme fraiche brioche tart, we dropped the mousse and the tart became a “Creme fraiche and strawberry brioche” served with cream. I have no idea if you would be served it in a French bistro but tonight you can have it at III Bean.

It turns out you may have had something like it if you had a German Grandmother

I also made creme fraiche for the first time


1 cup of 35% fat cream

2 tbs of buttermilk


Combine and leave in a warm place for 24 hours.


I read a few recipes that suggested I heat the cream to blood temperature like when making yoghurt then stir in the buttermilk and I would do this in winter. Seeing as my kitchen  is about 20 degrees C at the moment I just stirred the two together put in a glass jug and sat on the bench for about 16 hours by morning it was thick and tasted divine. I had to stop myself from pouring it all over my bircher muesli. It makes a great alternative to straight cream for a baked custard, and seems less oily.


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§ 7 Responses to Strawberry Brioche

  • Siobhan says:

    Oh yum (and you made creme fraiche!). There’s a brioche story in the new donna hay magazine too, which looks decidedly tasty.

  • kerry McDonald says:

    Hi Alice
    I finally got to try your chocolate-lavender caramel tart. I went out to 111 Bean and sat in their atrium (one of my favourite words ever) and ate the delicious creation. I am thinking of inventing a new heavenly-delicio type word for it. 111 Bean is lovely and the people were good to me, I had a cappucino then a reisling. Thanks you for making this fabulous tart (your pastry is perfect) and I look forward to trying another creation soon. I gave the sour cherry and pistachio cake (I know it’s called something else) to an Irish friend and she was ecstatic and said: ” who is this woman? This is delicious, I must meet her.”
    You are making a lot of people happy. Thanks.
    Kerry xxxx

  • Sandy K says:

    Just came across your profile on The Novocastrian Files. What amazing deliciousness you produce!

    Fantastic to see.

    Sandy K
    (ex NGS girl – just a wee bit older than you!)

  • What lovely ideas you have and great flavour combination…great bumping into you…good blog.

  • Y says:

    Amazing. I’ll have two please. Do you deliver? 😉

  • Rojer says:


    Creativity is the highest form of art we humans can ascend to, and you are as creative as when I first et you, keep on climbing Alice, perfection is but a hand thold away.


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