September 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

It has been so long since my last post it took me several attempts to remember my password to log into this blog account. Things have been getting a little crazy, which is good but I am having a little trouble keeping up with demand. Which means I have purchased a bigger and better oven, it hasn’t arrived yet but that should  give me time to sort out the other things I will need, because a bigger oven alone is pretty useless. I will also need a bigger mixer and a freezer.

I have still managed to keep challenging my self with desserts for Wednesday nights at III Bean. This and last week is the one I am most happy with in a while. I made individual pithiviers which is a type of french puff pastry pie. I filled them with almond cream and sour cherries, made spun toffee and chocolate mousse to be served on the side, a sort of nod to black forest cake. (This week I will try and cram more filling inside without them exploding).

Hand rolling that much puff pastry is a labour intensive job but not hard, and well worth the taste. I like to have the edges of the puff just starting to go black; so there is a hint of bitter and caramel to cut though all the buttery goodness. Anyway I really have loads of puff pastry to roll so I must get back to it.


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§ 2 Responses to Pithivier

  • Kerry McDonald says:

    Hi Alice,
    Congratulations on your big new oven, and hopefully it’s not too lonely for the bigger freezer and mixer for too long.
    The Pithivier sounds wonderfully French, oui? The spun toffee on the top reminds me of a mewelled castle – yellow saphire.
    Love Kerry McDonald xxxxxO

  • Kerry McDonald says:

    Yes Alice,
    Hi AIice,
    didn’t proof read my last message. Mewelled castle (sounds like a cat’s house!) should’ve read JEWELLED ( thus the Saphire – I know you know, I wanted you to know I knew.)
    love Kxxxx

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