Pear and Licorice Tart

June 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last night III Bean had a Confit Duck night, and again I made a tart to finish off the meal. This week I made a pear and licorice tart. Probably not a flavour  as popular as citrus, as I know how much licorice makes my sister squirm; but I love it. I even used a licorice toothpaste for a while when I found a little shop in Canberra stocked it.

I am really enjoying exploring tart combinations, having come from an art background making tarts to me is like creating a series, all I need is a pastry shell and the fillings are limitless; maybe one day I should do a tart installation and invite people to a giant afternoon tea…100 tarts? At the moment I am happy to come up with a new tart every few Wednesdays.

This tart consisted of licorice frangipane, pastry cream, pear and a piece of my favorite Green Grove organic licorice .


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