Hot Cross Buns

April 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

I am a bad mother, Easter was upon me and I hadn’t fed my child since Christmas. I have just been distracted I guess, but all of a sudden I was craving Hot Cross Buns and I though I would see if my sourdough starter still had any life left. Well I must say it was a sorry sight; not much different from one of those scary cheeses that taste so good, and so wrong all at the same time. I managed to dig through and discard those mouldy layers and find what resembled the original starter and began feeding the child again. Well he came back to life and even produced a fine batch of Hot Cross Buns.

This year I was not disapointed by the dry easily burnt tasteless stuff our chain bakeries and supermarkets call Hot Cross Buns. This year I had moist spiced fruity morcles that I kept eating over the entire Easter break. (I even shared a few).



§ 2 Responses to Hot Cross Buns

  • What beauties they are! Have always wanted to try making sourdough, the fact that the starter will last so long without being paid any attention is good to know 🙂

  • Kerry McDonald says:

    Hi Alice’
    I agree that supermarket Easter buns are not good. I remember the ones that Cornucopia in Canberra made – bet yours were even better.
    Keep guarding the flame of great food in the world.
    Love Kerry xx

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