November 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

I have been making a lot of sourdough bread lately. Although I enjoy it, I have not yet made the perfect loaf. The miche I have been working on is getting better every time and the crumb is becoming more open, and it now has that all important bounce when you squeeze the loaf. My newest discovery – Chia seeds – are also great in my San Francisco formula. Still I am in search of the perfect loaf; so I will keep trying new formulas and recipes. 



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  • kerry mcdonald says:

    Hello Alice

    The sour dough looks delicious – good looking bread is so full of potential; I imagined one line of potential being ricotta and berry jam on a thick slice of sour dough. Good luck with your search for perfection, but rumour has it that perfection is already here.

    Keep the inspiration coming. I recently attempted to make an Armenian nutmeg cake with polenta instead of SR flour. I foolsishly put foil instead of baking paper in the pan. Half way through the baking process the cake looked cooked – well sunken in the middle and a bit wet, but I didn’t want it too dry so I tooking out of the oven early. I had to spoon it off the foil (of course) and I pressed in into a paper lined container and put it in the fridge. It was wild and rich – I had to share it because it was buttery, with brown sugar in it. We sliced it like fudge and served it with espresso (small slices). Was gluten free and delicious. Accidents are interesting tangents – perhaps the illusion of randomness excels in the kitchen.

    love and best wishes
    Kerry – *p.s looking forward to seeing what Christmas brings to your kitchen.

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