Muffin Lost In Translation

September 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

I was at the cafe I deliver to yesterday and a customer came up to me and said that the “Barley muffin” I made on Friday didn’t sound very nice. Hmm; funny that, I didn’t think I made a Barley muffin on Friday. Then after racking my brain for a few minutes I remembered what I had made, and told him that I had baked Pear and Praline, not Pear and Barley, so I guess Fridays muffin was lost in translation.

Praline is one of those things I remember  making as a young kid, I loved to read my mums cookbooks try new recipes and smash-up her kitchen before she got home from work. I did burn the almonds the first few times though becauseI kept adding them at the beginning of making the toffee.

Pranline does make a lovely sweet crunchy topping for muffins, but I am not so sure about a barley topping though.

pear and praline



§ One Response to Muffin Lost In Translation

  • Kerry McDonald says:

    Hello Alice
    Barley doesn’t even read like praline but the human mind is a tricky n limitless machine (whatever). I try to keep my ego on a 7 second delay but fail regularly n randomly; it all comes down to not paying attention to the now moment – an esential ingredient in cooking (which is why it is a fine art form). My little brother used to call broccali ‘brocaldi’ – cute -and ‘K’ loved to say cinnaminaminaminminamin etc (you get the delicious drift) just ’cause it was fun to say. Ha!
    A comment on your lovely lemon story; the vanilla and lemon tart – it’s like the mellow and the yellow comined -perfect. I could not read it without my salivery glands doing the tango. Thank you for the yummy inspiration.
    Kerry xoxo
    ps I went to the ‘ethics of food writing’ talk at the Brisbane Writers Festival – will keep you posted with my notes on it.

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