Raspberry Rhubarb Buckle

August 17, 2009 § 1 Comment

Perhaps this is the cake where it all began, back when I was at university in Canberra doing an visual arts degree. I made this cake for a picnic when my boyfriend (K) and his friend decided to ride from Canberra to Braidwood, while we followed in the car with the beer and food. I wanted to make a cake from a new recipe book I had just been given, but didn’t have enough self raising flour and no spring form cake tin. What resulted was a cake batter made from combination of almond meal and flour (to make up for the lack of flour in my pantry) topped with peaches made in a large flan tin. We devoured it in minutes, and then went skinny dipping in the creek like all good art school students do. I have been refining the recipe ever since (while dressed), and making it with seasonal fresh and frozen fruit, scented with vanilla and a citrus glaze.

It turns out since reading some American cook books recently, it is probably what is referred to as a “buckle cake“.  I like the name more than almond fruit cake (which is what I had been calling it) so from now on it will be my seasonal fruit Buckle Cake.

Oh and what is a buckle cake? It is a cake made with a batter topped with fruit, the weight of the fruit causes the cake to buckle when baked. Cute.top view rhubarb raspberry buckle

rhubarb and raspberry buckle


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  • Kerry McDonald says:

    Hello at Baked Uprising, I haven’t made this recipe yet – but I love the texture of almond meal – so I will. Great adventures often begin with pure innovation because the standard ingredients weren’t available. The Lamington is a delicious example. I think I’d like to try the Raspberry, rhubarb buckle with custard, or maybe just a good cup of long black would be nice ( then I could eat two buckles.)


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